Monday, July 16, 2012

Square Mouth

This baby is tuckered out today:
yesterday he was fussy most of the time, an unspecified complaint since he was dry, fed and mama worked his gums over lots of times with a pinkie knuckle, his favorite relief from the ache of teething.

Mostly his fussing makes us laugh because he is so wily, so smart:
he has found a way to somehow mimic in his throat the sound of deep angsty baby cries
and he makes this sound while his body is relaxed.
He mixes this in with a very conversational complaining, done with a square mouth, gums exposed and a chewing-esque expression on his face like he just tried catfish for the first time and found it unpalatable. 

Mind you, it's not like he is thrilled when this is happening, but if you catch him at the right angle with your wit and smiles, he too will smile before again insisting that you get off his lawn.

Invariably he calms when he's close:
Anthony wore the child while mopping yesterday and not a peep was heard above the gentle swish of the fabric on the hardwood.

So today he sleeps but in between we cuddle and coo
exercise and kibitz.

July 16th, 2012


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